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Huijing Holdings donates 3 million yuan to combat against outbreak in Wuhan

Since the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, helping China to overcome difficulties has become a common belief. Huijing Holdings Company Limited has also paid close attention to the situation of the epidemic. On February 7, Huijing Holdings donated 3 million yuan to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital through the Wuhan Charity Federation. It is learned that the funds will be mainly used to purchase protective equipment, medical supplies, medicine and other materials. The funds will also support other related tasks of fighting the coronavirus, and help Wuhan medics to treat patients in a safer way.


Huijing Holdings has taken measures quickly after the coronavirus outbreak. The company has internally formulated and issued an emergency plan for the prevention of coronavirus as soon as possible. Meanwhile it has strengthened the important responsibilities of the company in preventing and controlling coronavirus outbreak. The health condition of each employee has been checked regularly during the holiday. Moreover, the company not only has arranged the body temperature testing for the homeowners and the staff in our community, but also has intensified the cleaning and disinfection work of both our working environment and living community. By implementing different approaches, such as strengthening the publicity of the epidemic situation, and scientifically formulating related prevention measures for working after Spring Festival holiday, and so on; the company is making efforts to protect all the employees and homeowners. Lastly, Huijing Holdings will continue to pay close attention to the work of coronavirus prevention and control. Let's fight the coronavirus outbreak, help each other, and get through these hard times together!