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Donate another 2 million yuan! Huijing Holdings has donated a total of 5 million to assist in fighting against the epidemic

Donate another 2 million yuan! Huijing Holdings has donated a total of 5 million to assist in fighting against the epidemic

Huijing Holdings has been deeply concerned about the epidemic control since the outbreak of the coronavirus. While doing the best prevention and control within the company and the community, Huijing Holdings also expresses its high respects to all the medical staff who are fighting on the front line.


On March 12, Huijing Holdings donated another 2 million yuan to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital through the Wuhan Charity Federation. So far, Huijing Holdings has donated a total of 5 million yuan to help combat the epidemic. It is reported that the funds will be mainly used to purchase protective equipment, medical supplies, medicine and other materials, support the work of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the medical personnel who are struggling at the front-line.


The medical workers, who have rushed to help despite the risks involved, not only protect people from the epidemic but also ensure people’s safety and health. They are heroes but mortals. They inherit the heroic spirit that is passed down from generation to generation. We shall be deeply grateful to all front-line medical workers and appreciate their extraordinary efforts.

Until today, the war on epidemic is not over, and we still cannot afford to relax. Therefore, as long as all people work together and be fearless, the fight must be succeeded. Let’s do our best and fight against the epidemic and embrace the spring with hope!