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Huijing Holdings won the 2020 China Star Real Estate Developers

On March 17, 2020, the 2020 China Top 100 Real Estate Developers Research Achievements Conference hosted by the China Real Estate TOP 10 Research and the 17th China Top 100 Real Estate Entrepreneurs Forum were launched online. With its solid strength and outstanding performance in the real estate field, Huijing Holdings won the 2020 China Star Real Estate Developers.
百强之星.jpgChina Real Estate TOP10 Research was initiated by three research institutions, which are the Enterprise Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, Research Institute for Tsinghua University Real Estate, and China Index Academy. Meanwhile, the research results that published by China Real Estate TOP 10 Research have become important criterions for judging the real estate companies' operations and industrial status. And it also has summarized a series of researches on China Top 100 Real Estate Developers, China Top 10 Listed Real Estate Developers, and the brand values of China real estate. All the above researches are originated from studying the real estate business groups with large scale, good benefits and excellent brand in China.


Maintain foothold in Greater Bay Area to embrace rapid growth.

Huijing Holdings Company Limited is an established integrated residential and commercial property developer in the PRC, focusing in Guangdong and Hunan provinces. Started with property projects in Dongguan, we have gradually spread to Heyuan, the Yangtze River Delta Urban Cluster and the Yangtze Mid-stream Urban Cluster. The property projects of Huijing Holdings comprise residential property projects, integrated property projects and property projects promoting specific industries and urban renewal projects. By December 31, 2019, Huijing Holdings has developed 18 property projects in 5 cities of 3 provinces, with a total area of approximately 2.44 million square meters, and the planned construction area after completion is about 5.08 million square meters. On January 16, 2020, Huijing Holdings successfully became the listed company through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with a stock code of 9968.HK. Meanwile, On March 10, 2020, Huijing Holdings issued an announcement with a good news saying that compared with 2018, the Group expects the profit will increase significantly by more than 50% as of December 31, 2019.


A new start to grow and thrive.

It is the first year for Huijing Holdings to become a listed company due to its IPO in 2020. Therefore, Huijing Holdings will continue to implement the mission of “Maintain foothold in Greater Bay Area” for future development after it successfully entered the capital market. In the same time, Huijing Holdings is also going to take the historic opportunities in the construction of the Greater Bay Area to focus on development projects in Guangdong Province and expand to the central China and other regions. With the continuous improvement and innovation, Huijing Holdings will continue to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness to create a glorious future!