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Together, we are stronger : Huijing Holidings donates another ¥1m of medical supplies!

On March 30, 2020, a batch of N95 face masks worth 1 million yuan donated by Huijing Holdings through Dongguan Charity Federation arrived at Dongguan Ninth People's Hospital, Dongguan Tungwah Hospital, Dongguan Kanghua Hospital, Dongguan Houjie Hospital, and Dongguan Changping Community Healthcare Service. In addition to the previous donations of 5 million yuan to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital through Wuhan Charity Federation, Huijing Holdings has donated a total of 6 million yuan, which has contributed to the coronavirus control and prevention with actual actions.


At present, The spring breeze thrives the hope for a new life. We always express the highest respect to the heroes who fight against the epidemic. It was their efforts to make the haze of epidemic dissipate and bring the smiles back on people’s face. Thanks to those heroes for bringing us back to normal life and helping us to build a better tomorrow.

Cherry blossoms come into bloom with the arrival of spring, and things are turning around. Be together, we are stronger and we shall prevail thoroughly over the virus.